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Earth Movement

earthmovementflier1pgKokoro Studio, SF
Saturday, March 1, 2012

Kokoro Studio is proud to announce “EARTH MOVEMENT,” a group art show featuring young creatives in collaboration with established artists. One year ago last March, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck Japan. It claimed the lives of more than 15,000 people, triggered nuclear accidents and moved earth on its axis. In acknowledgment of the anniversary of the tragic Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, co-curators Jeremy Brautman and Cooper Berella have assembled a show of support and solidarity from over 50 next generation emerging artists. Each artist (ages 2-16) was invited to collaborate with family and friends on artwork about nature’s powerful forces. There are many ways the earth moves: it spins, it shines, it shakes, it quakes… sometimes its effects are awesome, and other times, they are devastating. EARTH MOVEMENT is a visual conversation about this duality.

EARTH MOVEMENT’s artists come from diverse backgrounds, but most share Japanese art and culture as a source of inspiration. San Francisco locals Brixton (with Ferris Plock & Kelly Tunstall), Mia & Mason (with Kirkland Jue), James (with Julie West) and Max (with Mark Nagata) will show their work alongside painting progeny Kayleigh (with Dave McDowell), Arata & Akira (with Jeremiah Ketner), Madison (with Lou Pimentel), and Anke & Majda (with Travis Lampe) and toy designer descendants Sam (with 64Colors), Anneliese (with Jeff Lamm), Gabriella (with Jermaine Rogers), Lyla Belle (Scott Tolleson), Will, Aidan & Mae (with MAD) and Daelyn, Jordan & Madison (with Sket One). In addition to the collaborations, EARTH MOVEMENT will feature stand out solo work from young artists, plus friends of kids everywhere including: Dankeschoen, Gary Baseman, Luke Chueh and Shin Tanaka. Kokoro Studio’s walls will be covered with art by kids and the grownups who love them!

Kokoro Studio is located in San Francisco, a city that’s no stranger to “earth movement”. Come out and join us for an evening of art, family fun, and light refreshments. EARTH MOVEMENT is the gallery debut for most of the show’s young artists. The curators and many artists will be in attendance at the opening reception on March 3rd. A portion of proceeds from EARTH MOVEMENT will be donated to Arts for Hope, a Japanese group that provides mental care to earthquake survivors through creative activities.

For more information, and the latest updates, please visit:

EARTH MOVEMENT is happy to donate between 20%-100% of proceeds from the sale of each artwork in our show to ARTS FOR HOPE.

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