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Pen & ink illustrations are 8.5×11″ on standard printing paper.

*These illustrations are on higher quality calligraphy paper.

All floppy disks are 3.5″ Mac-formatted, and each design is ink on calligraphy writing paper.

Each print of “Alone and Different” is signed, and printed on 11×14″ photo paper. They are a limited edition of 10.

“Jokher” is a handcrafted papertoy. nati513 designed and made the template, while I made the graphics and customized it. Each toy is signed by us, and they are a limited edition of 3.

constantly followed FINAL

Constantly Followed $30 (pen & ink)


Death $30 (pen & ink)

Feeding Time

Feeding Time $30 (pen & ink)


GhostBot $30 (pen & ink)

Morph Mountain

Morph Mountain *sold* (pen & ink)

My Only Hero

My Only Hero $30 (pen & ink)

red bianca FINAL

Red Bianca $30 (pen & ink)

Richard and Elise

Richard & Elise $30 (pen & ink)

Sylmar and Damien

Sylmar & Damien $30 (pen & ink)

The Beast II

The Beast II *sold* (pen & ink)


Television Dreams I *sold* (pen & ink)

When the Future Never Comes...

When the Future Never Comes $30 (pen & ink)

a look back at never FINAL

A Look Back At Never $30 (pen & ink)

Red Warrior

Red Warrior $30 (pen & ink)

Package Set FINAL

Package Art Set $35 for both or $20 each (pen & ink)

green set 1 FINAL

Leaf Set Pt.1 (1 & 2 as set only) $45

green set 2 FINAL

Leaf Set Pt.2 (1 & 2 as set only) $45

red set 1 FINAL

Red Set Pt.1 (1 & 2 as set only) $45

red set 2 FINAL

Red Set Pt.2 (1 & 2 as set only) $45

floppy disk 1

Disk I (TV Trapped) *sold*

floppy disk 2

Disk II (Christopher) $15

floppy disk 3

Disk III (Sweetie) $15

floppy disk 4

Disk IV (Digital Dream) *sold*

floppy disk 5

Disk V (Unknown Entity) $15

Alone and Different

“Alone and Different” Print $35 (5 left)

life + afterlife

Disk VI + VII (life + afterlife) $25


Red Ghosting $30

grey ghosting

Grey Ghosting $30

katt v9.0

Katt v9.0 $30

red + black

Red//Black $15


Standing Tall $30


Telegirl $30

The Beast III

The Beast III $25

triangleman FINAL

Lost In My Own Head $25


Disk VIII + IX (breakup) $25

floppy disks set 1

Disk X + XI (in love) $25

floppy disk 6

Disk XII (meow) $15

floppy disk 7

Disk XIII (red wonder) $15


nati513 x Super Cooper Berella “Jokher” $40 (plus shipping)

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12362664_930365896999694_4973610367712035007_oI love art! I do art and I collect art. I love vinyl, paper, paintings, sculpture, and soft toys. The reason I love these things is that I feel everybody can do something different and that’s what makes them unique! Each one has style, culture, and can mean something different to each person. Everyone has their personalities and is able to share that with the world. Anything can be art and anyone can do it, so I wanted to prove that.

I am also a collector who collects toys, arts, and books. I like collecting because I like to see what the artist’s perspective is on something. It makes me feel good to collect because whenever I see the piece it gives me lots of joy to look at them. I get all worked up to meet the artists. I feel happy meeting them so I can ask the questions about their art so I can see what techniques they use and I can learn from them.

I also love curating art shows. I curated my first art show for my 11th birthday called “Cubes and Cylinders” at Munky King in Los Angeles. The experience of curating your own art show is the most exciting because you get to see the artists’ perspective of the art show. Since then it has become a birthday tradition and I’ve curated four shows in four years.

I would like to thank my mom, dad, sister, and my friends for supporting me over the years.

“We want to see the newest things. That is because we want to see the future, even if only momentarily. It is the moment in which, even if we don’t completely understand what we have glimpsed, we are nonetheless touched by it. This is what we have come to call art.”
-Takashi Murakami

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